Student Storage For Manchester Universities

Store for £0.00 per box or other item per week with free collection

Return delivery starts from £5.95 per box or other item.

An additional £3 per box or other item applies to deliveries greater than 25 miles from the collection location.

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we provide storage for manchester universities
LOVESPACE is proud to provide student storage for the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan and the University of Salford. Finding somewhere to put your stuff over the holidays is a real problem. Luckily, we've got the perfect solution. We'll collect right from your door and deliver back to any mainland UK address you want. We can even provide boxes and packing materials. And what's more, we price by-the-box so you get fair, student-friendly prices!

We Collect. We Store. We Deliver.

LOVESPACE provide student storage for the University of Manchester

Student Storage has never been so easy.
Just follow our four simple steps.

1. Book your student storage online

1. You Book

In a matter of minutes on your mobile, tablet or PC

Ordering packing materials if you need them

2. We'll collect from your house or student accommodation halls

2. We Collect

Your boxes, bags, bikes and other bits and bobs

As soon as tomorrow

From any UK address or University Hall of Residence for FREE

3. We'll keep your boxes in our secure storage facility

3. We Store

For as long as you want

In one of our secure warehouses

4. We'll return your boxes to your house or any university in London and the UK

4. We Deliver

To any UK address, regardless of where we picked up from

FROM £5.95 per box or other item

An additional £3 per box or other item applies to deliveries greater than 25 miles from the collection location.

Why Manchester Students Love Us

Packing Materials Available

Packing Materials Available

Who wants to waste time going to buy packing tape and boxes?! With LOVESPACE, you can order all the packing materials you need with the click of a button.

Low Student Prices

Low Student Prices

As well as being a hassle, renting out a whole self-storage unit can be expensive. With us, you only pay per box. That way, prices are fair and student-friendly!


Meet Olivia, your Manchester Student Ambassador

At LOVESPACE, we’re the UK leaders in student storage. We store tens of thousands of items for students every year, many of whom hear about our handy storage solution from our student ambassadors.

Today we’d like to introduce you to Olivia, one of our student ambassadors for Manchester University. So let’s get settled in with a cup of tea and some Hobnobs, and we’ll be ready to begin our interview…

Q. Hi Olivia! What was it that made you decide to become a student ambassador for LOVESPACE?

I wanted to build on some of the skills I have gained in my degree and in other work experience roles, and also because I think that LOVESPACE is a really innovative, creative company offering a brilliantly convenient service to students. I have lived with quite a few international students over my three years at university and know some of them have not had all entirely positive experiences with storage, so I was keen to promote LOVESPACE as the perfect solution!

Q. What are your plans once the summer term has ended this year?

As I am in my final year, this summer I will be graduating! I don’t have anything lined up at the moment, but in the next few months I think I’ll be looking into applying for some graduate internships to gain some work experience. I figure this will help me to discover what really interests me as well as building lots of transferable skills. Having said this, I first plan on taking the summer off to recuperate after three long years studying! I’m heading to Glastonbury Festival and also Naples in July.

Q. What is your favourite thing about being a Manchester University student?

My favourite thing about Manchester University is that there is always a really bustling atmosphere on campus and there are so many different study spaces available. I also love Pangaea, which is a music festival put on by the student union in fresher’s week and in summer.

Q. What is your favourite night out in Manchester?

Now I am in third year, I definitely prefer a house party or an evening in the pub! But, I used to love a Thursday night in Factory and a Tuesday at The Deaf Institute. I also always go to at least a couple of the Warehouse Project nights at Store Street.

Q. What item would you be most likely to store with LOVESPACE rather than taking home at the end of term?

Items I’d be most likely to store would be things like my toastie maker and probably all of my plates and cutlery. I would probably also store some of my cushions and picture frames as I have way too many to take back home!

Thanks Olivia! It has been great to hear more about your life at Manchester University. Good luck with your final year!

Manchester university storage for students

Storage for Manchester University Students

If you are a student at Manchester University, you may well see our student ambassador Olivia around and about. Feel free to ask her any questions about our student storage service – she’ll be happy to help!