Here’s how you pay for our storage units.

1. When you order. You choose how much space you need and pay for the first month upfront when you book.

2. Collection. Collections & packing are charged based upon your unit size - Saturdays and the first available collection day will cost more. If your unit size changes following your collection, we will automatically correct the collection and packing fees. Find out more about each units pricing here.

3. Each month. You pay for your storage monthly. You can move stuff in and out - if you end up storing more or less, we’ll simply adjust your unit size to the correct size and then update any future monthly payments. Your stuff is insured up to £500 for £4.95 per month.

4. When you want your stuff back. Simply book a delivery from your account. Delivery costs £70 and a dedicated 2-person team will deliver your furniture or all your stuff back. If you've got lots of stuff, or any especially large items, we'll send a 4-person team, which will cost £140. If you just need a few boxes back, we can deliver them to the ground floor of your address from £5.95 each.​