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Top 6 Tips for Perfectly Packing Your Items

Think about packing your things up for storage in the same way as you would when creating the perfect cocktail. You’ve got to think about the order of your ingredients (a piña colada would be…

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We’re hiring – Marketing Manager (Students Segment)

Spring Clearing Week – Top Tips From Professional Declutterers

24th-30th March is National Spring Clearing Week. This is the perfect time to finally get around to clearing that clutter in your…

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We’re Hiring – Brand Ambassadors

Starting: Immediately Location: Your University town Commission: Uncapped, £10 per order made with your unique promo code Who we are What’s in…

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Chinese New Year Traditions

Traditions For Before Chinese New Year In the run up to Chinese New Year, it is strongly believed that families should throughly…

Chinese Food

5 Best Chinese Restaurants For Students In London

China Town in London, located in Soho between Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, is famous for it’s amazing Chinese restaurants. What better…

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We’re hiring – Customer Operations Intern

Can you DELIVER excellent customer service? Do your problem solving skills really PACK a punch? If you tick all of these BOXES,…

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Temporarily leaving the country? 6 top tips to help you prepare

Whether you are leaving the UK because of a family emergency, going on some last minute travels or going home temporarily between…