Storage By-The-Box costs breakdown

We calculate prices for our storage by-the-box service based on several factors, including additional packing materials, amount and duration of storage, expedited collection and delivery dates. Take a look at each of these factors below to learn more about how we charge you for storage by the box.

1. Packing Materials. You can order packing materials (and delivery) from us. You don’t have to use LOVESPACE materials, but we encourage it.

2. Storage. You tell us how much you want to store and for how long. You can also choose the level of contents cover you’d like when you book. You pay for the first month’s storage up front, and then get charged monthly thereafter. The longer you agree to store upfront, the bigger the initial discount. Generally, when your price plan is up, your monthly price will revert to the undiscounted price – but let us know if you need to extend and we can usually find you a better price. If you'd like to figure out exactly what you'll pay, click here to get started.

Please note, once we collect your stuff, we’ll check it at the storage facility. If there is anything different from what you ordered (say you ordered 5 small boxes and sent us 15 large sofas or vice versa!), we will update your account and only charge you for what you’re storing. The price may be different, and we will notify you. You can then confirm the pricing on our website.

3. Collection. Standard collections are generally FREE, but if you want collection on the first available day or on a weekend, there is usually a surcharge, which you will see before you book. We also charge extra for peak dates, which includes some Mondays and Fridays in September and October.

4. Delivery.When you want your stuff back, there is a per item delivery charge that starts at £6.95 per item. We know it’s not free like the collection is, but we think it is fair. If you want your stuff back the first available day, or on the weekend, or at a specific timeslot, the price will be higher. As with collections, we also charge extra for peak dates, including some Mondays and Fridays in September and October. If you are moving a long distance (more than 25 miles) from where we collected your stuff, a £6 per item surcharge applies. You’ll see these prices before you book.

With our standard service, we will deliver to the ground floor of your address. In some areas, you can upgrade to have your stuff delivered to the doorstep of your flat or apartment for an additional £30.

Please note, if your storage plan isn’t finished when you get your stuff returned, you will be charged for any remaining balance on that price plan. Remember, this is because the longer your store, the bigger the discount. If, however, the total cost would have been less on a shorter plan (i.e. a higher monthly price, but lower overall cost), don’t worry. We’ll recalculate that and credit you the difference.

Additional Services

5. Shipping. Shipping charges depend on the destination. If you want to ship in the UK, have a look at our ship across the UK service for prices. If you want to ship internationally, get in touch and we can introduce you to a trusted partner who can help with your shipping.

Find out more about our pricing here.

Finally, the boring stuff. We know you’ll follow all the rules, and the instructions we send are a great read! But just in case you’re a rule-breaker and do something like send in boxes that exceed our 25kg weight limit, or if you’re not available when our driver arrives, we’ll charge a fee. You can find more about these in our FAQs.

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