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How many of these fashion comebacks are in your wardrobe?

Fashion is constantly changing – or is it?

So many of the things we see on the high-street, that have trickled down from the catwalks during fashion week, are inspired by previous styles.

The classic shape of a 1950s dress became the high-waisted skirt craze of 2015, the 90s choker, parka jacket and spaghetti strap dress worn over a plain white tee are everywhere you look right now.

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Some of the collectables we just can't bear to part with!

Over the years, we've all collected things, whether it's collections of seashells from childhood holidays, or CDs and vinyl throughout our adult lives.

However, how often do we actually take the time to appreciate our collections?

Our collections could be taking up valuable space that we could better use more effectively. But fear not, LOVESPACE has the answers to finding a home for collections that need a new home and that we can have returned to us as and when we decide the time is right

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You don't have to let go completely! What's stopping you?

We all suffer the inner turmoil of what to do with the things we love, but don't need every day

We know we could make better use of the space, but just can't bear to part with the things that mean so much to us

Whether it's books that we think our children may read one day, clothes that we don't wear regularly or collectables that we love, there are ways to declutter our lives without throwing things away forever

Let LOVESPACE provide the answers to these conundrums

The LOVESPACE clutter survey 2017

Here at LOVESPACE, stuff and storage are our passions. We are interested in how people use the space they have at home and what they might do if they had more of it.

Is your home filled with clutter? If it is, is that a problem? Does tidying up improve people’s moods? And what are the strangest things that people collect and keep in their houses?

Here to find out the answers to all these burning questions is the LOVESPACE clutter survey of 2017.

If you’re a collector, a lover of clutter, a strong believer in the power of tidying up, or anything in between, then you'll be interested in the results of our survey.

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