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When you’re moving, renovating, or cleaning, you might require furniture storage. At LOVESPACE, we offer by-the-box storage for smaller furniture items, such as bedside tables and chairs. For larger items like beds, sofas, and wardrobes, we also have storage units available. You can store your items either by-the-box or in a unit for as long as you need, either short term or long term. At LOVESPACE, we make self storage easy because we collect your stuff from you right at your door. We store it all for you, then deliver your stuff back to you when you need it.

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Short Term Furniture Storage

Short Term Furniture Storage

Sometimes, you need a self storage option that lets you keep your stuff safe and secure for a few days or weeks. Moving into a new home, emptying out your home while you renovate, or storing seasonal stuff like outdoor furniture are all occasions on which you might need short term storage.

Long Term Furniture Storage

 Long Term Furniture Storage

Finding a safe place to stash your furniture for long term storage isn’t always easy. When you’re in the middle of moving house or preparing to spend some time abroad, you have other things to worry about besides storing your furniture. LOVESPACE’s convenient long term storage options take care your furniture so you can take sort out life’s other details.

Furniture Storage Costs

Furniture Storage Costs

The cost of furniture storage varies depending on the size of the furniture and the length of time you need to store it. With smaller stuff, you can choose by-the-box storage and pay only for the storage you need. Larger furniture requires a storage unit. Keep in mind that the longer you store, the cheaper it gets.

How to Safely Store Your Furniture

When you want to put your furniture in storage, you need to prepare it adequately. Prep work and packing are important for maintaining the good condition of your stuff.

Locate convenient self storage near you

When you need to store your furniture, it’s ideal to find a service that operates near you. You don’t want to have to haul your stuff too far to have them stored. A better solution would be not having to transport your furniture at all. With LOVESPACE, you get furniture collection service, so we come to your location, place your furniture onto our vehicle, then drive it to our secure storage facility and unload it into a storage unit for you.

Select the appropriate box or unit size

Before you book a storage plan, you need to choose an appropriate size unit for your furniture. You don’t want your stuff to be crammed into a space, but you also don’t want to have to pay for more than is necessary. However, with LOVESPACE’s flexible storage units, we will update your unit size after your stuff is collected based on the total volume in storage. Check out our storage unit volume calculator, where we can help you calculate the size of storage unit you’ll need to keep your furniture stored and in good condition. We are self storage experts, so we can help you determine the best size based on your storage needs.

Book transport for your furniture

Typically, an important step in readying your furniture for storage is finding a way to transport your stuff from your home or office to the storage facility. This can be one of the most challenging aspects of putting your furniture in storage, as you need to hire a separate service to book a vehicle for moving your stuff. If you are someone who needs furniture self storage, LOVESPACE has taken this step out of the equation for you. Our self storage plans come with room collection, so you don’t have to worry about getting your stuff to the storage facility or even loading it into the vehicle – we take care of everything. We’ll then deliver it back to any UK address of your choice once you’re ready.

Clean the furniture

Before you put your furniture into storage for a long time, you should give it a good cleaning. Sources of damp on your furniture will only worsen while it’s in storage, so check for mould and dry your furniture completely. Also, vacuum every crevice in your furniture to remove crumbs or debris. If needed, get your wooden furniture treated for woodworm before storing it. Cleaning your furniture this way will ensure it stays in good condition throughout the time it’s in storage, so you can use it again once you remove it from storage.

Take your furniture apart if possible

If any furniture (such as bookcases, wardrobes, desks or chairs) needs to be disassembled to be moved out of your house, make sure you do this – it’ll also help with loading and using your storage space more effectively. Save any screws or other pieces you need by putting them in a plastic bag and labelling it with the correct piece of furniture, or taping it to the furniture itself. With your furniture taken apart, it will be much easier for our drivers to load your stuff into our vehicles before transporting to our secure storage facility.

Cover your furniture in bubble wrap

You’ll need to wrap more delicate glass items such as mirrors in bubble wrap before placing them in storage. At LOVESPACE, we handle all of your stuff with extreme caution, and ensure our customers can rely on us to keep their furniture in good condition. However, adding bubble wrap to delicate objects or sharp corners can help mitigate any risks associated with transporting and storing your stuff.

Make the most of your space

With LOVESPACE, you don’t have to worry about positioning your stuff in your storage unit – we do that for you. However, you should be mindful of how much space you need when you’re booking your storage plan. When you’re looking at available storage units on our website, we provide examples of the types of furniture that can fit in each size of unit and how many pieces of furniture you can include as well. Use our storage unit volume calculator, to help you find the size of storage unit you’ll need. Our goal is always to provide an affordable, easy self storage solution, so we’ll never lure you into paying for more storage than you actually need! If you select the wrong size, we’ll update your flexible storage unit to the correct size. We do our utmost to take advantage of the space you pay for, without causing any damage to your furniture.

Reasons to store furniture

People store furniture either short term or long term for a variety of reasons. A gap between house moves is one of the most common – people need a secure place to keep their stuff while they wait for their new home to be available. Another reason is to get excess furniture out of the house while downsizing or reorganising. Many people also prefer to move their furniture to storage during home renovations, to ensure the furniture doesn’t get damaged.

For some people, selling their home is easier when they don’t have excess furniture around, so they stick it in storage until the house gets sold. People who want to travel or work abroad temporarily may choose to put their furniture into storage so they can rent out their homes while they’re gone.

How big should a furniture storage unit be?

At LOVESPACE, we have 5 sizes for storage units, ranging from 15sqft to 200sqft. We provide examples of furniture that can fit in each one, as well as measurements to help you decide which unit works best for your needs. The 15 sqft unit, for example, will fit the contents of a student room and our 25 sqft unit will fit the contents of a studio flat. We encourage you to take a look at storage unit volume calculator on our website and to contact us with any questions you have. We’re happy to help you find the best furniture storage option for your needs!

How much does furniture storage cost?

Several factors go into the cost of furniture storage at LOVESPACE. Collection date and the amount of stuff you need to store are all taken into account when calculating the upfront cost for furniture storage. We also charge a delivery fee for when we deliver your stuff back to you. When you book storage with our online system, you can see a breakdown of all costs, so you know exactly how much you pay.

Locating furniture storage near you

LOVESPACE operates in most major UK cities. When you need furniture self-storage solutions, you can browse our available storage units and by-the-box storage packages on our website.

Furniture Storage with LOVESPACE

With LOVESPACE, we collect, store, and deliver your furniture, so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. You can even hire our optional packing service and let us take care of everything. Our flexible self storage service is ideal for moving long distances or renovating your home. We also make moving more affordable than hiring home removal companies, which can charge extra fees. With LOVESPACE, you can book a combination of storage unit and by-the-box storage to get the best value on self storage for your belongings.

How Our Furniture Storage Units Service Works

We make furniture storage easy with our flexible self storage options. To choose your storage unit, simply go to our website and book your storage using our online system. Choose a collection date, and we will come collect your furniture from you. You can order our optional packing service if you want our professional packing team to ensure your stuff is wrapped and protected well while they’re in storage. We transport your furniture to our secure storage facility and load it into a unit. We’ll hold onto your furniture for as long as you need. All you have to do is place an order online and we will deliver your furniture back to you, even if the delivery address differs from the collection address. If you are storing large or bulky furniture such as wardrobes and beds, our storage rental units are preferable to the by-the-box option.

How Our Furniture Storage By the Box Service Works

When you have only smaller furniture to store, such as bedside tables and chairs, you may be better off using by-the-box storage rather than getting an entire storage unit. That way, you only pay for the storage you need. With LOVESPACE, you don’t have to worry about moving your furniture to the storage facility, either – we take care of that. You won’t be able to drop off and pick up stuff from the facility yourself, but we will deliver your furniture back to you when you are ready to get it back. With our by-the-box service, you can pack your stuff yourself and even purchase high quality LOVESPACE packing supplies. You can also order optional packing from our professional packers if choosing to use the storage units service. Our by-the-box storage option is preferable when only need storage for smaller furniture.

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