Student Storage For Exeter University

Store for £0.00 per box or other item per week with free collection

Return delivery starts from £5.95 per box or other item.

An additional £3 per box or other item applies to deliveries greater than 25 miles from the collection location.

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we provide storage for Exeter universities
If you're trying to find a place to store your things over the holidays, then you know it can be difficult. We've got the perfect student storage solution for you! We'll come right to your door to collect your items and then deliver them back to you whenever you want. Many students don't have cars, but with LOVESPACE we take all that hassle out of storage. And because we do our prices by-the-box, Exeter students can often get a much better deal with us.

We Collect. We Store. We Deliver.

LOVESPACE provide student storage for the University of Exeter

Student storage made easy.
Just follow these four simple steps.

1. You Book

In a matter of minutes on your mobile, tablet or PC

Ordering packing materials if you need them

2. We Collect

Your boxes, bikes and other bits and bobs

From any mainland UK address for FREE

Including Exeter university halls of residence

As soon as tomorrow

3. We Store

For as long as you want

We'll also take donation boxes to Oxfam FREE of charge

4. We Deliver

To any mainland UK address, regardless of where we collect from

Your home, new student accommodation or anywhere else!

FROM £5.95 per box or other item

An additional £3 per box or other item applies to deliveries greater than 25 miles from the collection location.

Why Exeter Students Love Storing with Us

Collection and storage for Exeter students

We Pick Up From Your Student House

Hiring a van for the day or begging your friend with a car is a nightmare. With us, you can relax - we'll come to you! We collect for FREE and as soon as the next day. We'll also deliver your things back to you.

Flexible storage prices for Exeter University

Packing Materials Available

If you don't have boxes and tape lying around then we can provide them. On top of that, we have bubble wrap, book boxes, bike boxes and poster tubes available.


Exeter University student ambassador

Meet Rachel, your Exeter Student Ambassador

At LOVESPACE, we’re the UK experts in student storage. This summer, LOVESPACE vans will be seen at universities all over the country, picking up students’ boxes and suitcases for holiday storage. We store tens of thousands of items for students every year, many of whom hear about our storage service via our lovely student ambassadors.

Today we’d like to introduce you to Rachel, our student storage ambassador at Exeter University. Let's pretend this interview is taking place in The Colosseum, shall we? ;)

Q. Why did you want to become a student ambassador for LOVESPACE?

I have just started University and seeing that I have quite a lot of free time (pretty strange for a law student, I know!) in between lectures and seminars, I thought I'd take up some extra­curricular activities that will not only give me some insight into the working world but also to earn some extra allowance.

Q. What type of job would you like to be doing in 5 years’ time?

At that point in my degree I would probably be heading towards becoming a training solicitor or barrister, or still be taking my Bar Exams. But to be brutally honest, I would actually love to be able to travel, meet new people from all over the world and all walks of life, and work at the same time. I guess I will just have to see where life takes me!

Q. Have you used LOVESPACE in the past?

Yes, and I was utterly impressed by the service! As an international student, the concept of placing belongings in the care of someone else is very foreign to me and my initial thought was that it would be expensive and would take a long while for things to be processed, picked up, delivered and etc.. But I was shocked at how efficient the couriers were, the entire process was affordable and as easy as a breeze. As a girl who is a fashion enthusiast with crazy shopping tendencies, needless to say I have A LOT of things in my possession that needed to be stored away for the summer. I placed my order in the afternoon (5 full boxes, don't judge me!) and LOVESPACE magically appeared the next day to pick up. The courier was so helpful - he brought out his trolley, stacked my boxes up and within no time they were off to the storage unit. I was a happy bunny.

Q. What are your plans once the summer term has ended this year?

I am quite flexible with my time during the summer. I would most probably be back home between Malaysia and Singapore, spending some quality time with my family, relatives and friends, stuffing my face with delicious local delicacies and then running around the park trying to shed it all off.

Q. What is your favourite thing about Exeter University?

Despite having to scale hills (some hills are THAT steep that I would consider them mini mountains) wherever we go, I love how we are constantly surrounded by greenery which provides a calm and soothing sense of serenity, especially after a long day of lectures. Since the campus sits on a hill, we have an amazing view overlooking the city and we don’t even have to go that high up to enjoy perfect and unobstructed scenery. The best part is finding adorable squirrels and rabbits on campus, which take my mind off everything and allow me to just bask in the ambience and company of these furry friends.

Q. What is your favourite night out in Exeter?

I don’t usually go out at night but when I do, I love hanging out at the Monkey Suit - a cocktail bar and lounge and have a couple of cocktails (and maybe oggle at the cute bartenders) and catch up with some friends.

Q. What item would you be most likely to store with LOVESPACE rather than taking home at the end of term?


Trust us Rachel, 5 boxes is no biggy! We've seen many students with over 20 boxes!

Exeter university storage for students

Storage for Exeter University Students

If you’re a student at Exeter University, our student storage expert Rachel will be able to help you with any questions you may have about LOVESPACE or student storage.