Love Is in The Air

At LOVESPACE we’re experts in looking after people’s precious belongings. Not only do people store everyday essentials, but most of what they store are things that have emotional value – they store their memories.

Whether it is a trophy from a dance competition, photo albums from high school, or journals people kept when they were younger, people trust us with the things that are dear to them.

People’s precious memories deserve a loving home. However, sometimes life makes it difficult to keep everything you care about near to you. Maybe you’ve started a new job and moved to a new city where your new home has less space. Or perhaps you’re moving in with someone and you find there isn’t room for everything. Don’t worry. We can look after your things when you don’t have space for them, and we’ll even bring them back to you when you miss them too much!

Looking to store in a more loving way? Start storing today.



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