There’s a relatable scene in the movie Sex and the City, where Carrie Bradshaw is clearing out her walk-in wardrobe. It’s full to the brim, but she needs to move out to go live in a gorgeous penthouse (we can only dream) with a much smaller closet, so she enlists the help of her friends Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha. She models the clothes and they make their judgments; toss or take.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when sorting through your wardrobe… we suggest three piles; Toss, keep, and store for the things you don’t want now but can’t bear to say goodbye to.

Sometimes the decision is an obvious one, that red dress that makes you feel amazing and fits beautifully? Keep. The once-white T-shirt that has a suspicious stain? Throw it away.

But then there are the items that you just can’t seem to make a decision on.

  • It still fits, but it’s not in fashion, or vice versa.
  • Stuff you haven’t worn yet, but are sure you will.
  • Shoes that you just know will make you look like a supermodel…. once you’ve mastered walking in them.

All these things are taking up space and stopping you from picking out a day to day outfit with ease.

Cluttered Wardrobe

Fashion is constantly changing, you never know what vintage fashion is making its comeback next. So many of the things we see on the high-street, that have trickled down from the catwalks during fashion week, are inspired by previous styles. The classic shape of a 1950s dress became the high-waisted skirt craze of 2015, the 90s choker, parka jacket and spaghetti strap dress worn over a plain white tee are everywhere you look right now.

If you’ve ever pulled something from the back of your wardrobe and thought ‘why did I buy this?’ then hold on, because there’s a good chance it might come back into fashion again. Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof in just a few of the latest fashion comebacks.

Crop tops

Think Britney or All Saints in the early 90s. Often teamed with a cargo pant, these tiny tops were the enviable trend for those with the stomach for them – literally. Now they’re back, occasionally in a floatier form or fabric and are teamed with high waisted shorts or skirts for an easy summer look.


Fun fact, mules were first worn by royalty in 18th century France. Then they became the must-have shoe of the 90s in every conceivable colour and fabric (even faux fur). With their vintage status earned, you can pick up a pair right now from most high-street shops and slip them on for instant fashionista status.

Shoe collection

Off the shoulder tops

The 70s vibe of a flowy, comfortable yet sexy style is back with an influx of off the shoulder tops. Most of us have touched base with the ‘peasant blouse’ at some point in our lives, even if only on holiday. Featuring embroidery, ruffles and in light colours for summer, this is an item that probably won’t ever go out of style. It’s even being used in swimwear, which is great news for tan lines!

Ugg boots

The Marmite of the shoe world, dividing opinion amongst friends and the fashion conscious since they came back the first time in the early noughties (and don’t even get us started on the ‘wear them with or without socks’ debate). Love them or hate them, you cannot deny their comfort factor or the warmth they give your toes during the winter, and Alexa Chung collaborated on the autumn 2016 collection – so they might be hot property again sooner than we thought!


Not just for the builders and mechanics of the world, these are a key piece that has come back – most recently as the pinafore dress. Born in the 70s and worn baggy in the 90s, now dungarees are one of ASOS top searched items and all the celebs are wearing them. Even if you don’t wear them as a fashion item, they are extremely comfortable, and can always be worn when you next indulge in a spot of painting.

Will they come back into fashion

How many of these did you find in your wardrobe?

And how many more pieces do you feel might get another chance at being in fashion? Our wardrobes are a library of possible outfits, unique to each of us and, lest we forget, fashion is completely subjective!

A certain dress or shoe can make or break the kind of day we have. Our closets evolve over time, reflecting our changing roles and preferences, becoming like a map of all the emotional places we’ve been.

That’s why every piece is an investment. It’s money spent (up to you if that’s well spent or not) and with fashion clearly coming around and around again, some items are worth hanging on to. But where to keep them while you wait?

For all you fashionistas out there who need more space for the clothes you love, there’s LOVESPACE. We can store anything you’ve not got the room for in your wardrobe, from couture to throwback, simply order some of our sturdy boxes and let us do the rest!

So surely it can only be a matter of time before men are in flares and platform boots, and women are back in shoulder pads and pearls. Well, here’s hoping anyway…