Storage In West London

Store from £0.00 per box or other item per week with free collection

Return delivery starts from £5.95 per box or other item.

An additional £3 per box or other item applies to deliveries greater than 25 miles from the collection location.

We provide storage for residents of West London

At LOVESPACE we've made storage easier than ever. You don't need to do any lifting or driving. We come directly to your West London home to collect your stuff, store it securely and deliver it back again whenever you're ready. What's more, we're cheaper than any other alternative. You can make an instant booking online right now!

We Collect. We Store. We Deliver.

We provide storage for West London

Storage made simple.
Just follow these four easy steps.

1. You Book

1. You Book

In a matter of minutes on your mobile, tablet or PC

Ordering packing materials if you want to

2. We Collect

2. We Collect

Your boxes, books, clothes and other bits and bobs

From any mainland UK address for FREE

Including West London residents

As soon as tomorrow

3. We Store

3. We Store

For as long as you want

FROM £1.95 per box per month

We'll also take donation boxes to Oxfam FREE of charge

3. We Deliver

3. We Deliver

To any mainland UK address, regardless of where we collect from

Your home, office or anywhere else!

FOR £5.95 per box

Why West London Residents Love Us

We pick up and deliver back to any ​mainland UK address

We pick up and deliver back to any ​mainland UK address

We can deliver your belongings back to any address in mainland UK. There's no extra charge and you can get your stuff back at anytime.

We pick up and deliver back to any ​mainland UK address

Fair & Flexible Prices

We're cheaper than alternatives because we only charge you for what you store. Our by-the-box pricing means you'll always get a fair deal.