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Working from home

Inventory? Check ✅


As remote working becomes the new normal, what happens to all the office equipment we left behind?

 The pandemic has shaken up the way we work, creating a new era of blended and hybrid work environments. Whatever this means for your company, LOVESPACE can help to make the transition online as smooth as possible. When COVID-19 hit, businesses around the world were forced to retreat online. For many, this left them with deserted office spaces filled with inaccessible and potentially vulnerable documents, equipment, furniture and office supplies. As remote working became the new normal, some businesses began to consider terminating leases at their central office hubs. But what about all the stuff they had left behind?   

LOVESPACE has the answer 

 In March 2020, like many companies, LOVESPACE moved to remote working indefinitely. As the COVID-fuelled chaos unfolded, we vacated our central London office. Luckily, we had the perfect service to manage the transition! We packed up the stuff we didn’t need all the time, had it collected by one of our drivers and put it all safely into storage. Taking control of our inventory streamlined the shift online, guaranteed ease when sending equipment out to our team members when they needed it and gave us peace of mind that stuff like important archive documents were safe and sound. Our simple storage solution meant we could still access our stuff when we needed it.   

How can LOVESPACE help your company take control?

 Our convenient and reliable alternative to self-storage means that businesses making the switch to remote working can store their office equipment with us for as long as they want. We can take care of your office essentials at our secure storage facilities and our flexible delivery slots mean you can book a return as soon as the next day. All of your stuff is itemised so you can order back specifically what you need online in seconds. LOVESPACE has got all your office inventory needs covered and can even assist you in shipping furniture, equipment and supplies to your team wherever they are working remotely.   

Whether it’s a small box you need for surplus stationary or a storage unit for all your office furniture and equipment, we’re here to help!

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