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Temporarily leaving the country? 6 top tips to help you prepare

Whether you are leaving the UK because of a family emergency, going on some last minute travels or going home temporarily between visas, there can be a lot to think about. But don't panic, we have a short checklist of the key things you need to do to make sure you are prepared. If you plan for these things as early as you can then the process won't stress you out.

1) Get cracking at packing your luggage

Packing all of your belongings up can feel like a chore, and sometimes it is tempting to cut corners and just shove everything into boxes and suitcases. But if you do this, you are making much more work for yourself at the other end. So try not to leave it to the last minute, spread it out and plan as much as you can. Small tricks that can make a big difference are:
  • Put the items you will need soonest when you land at the top. You may be exhausted when you arrive in another country, so you don't want to be rummaging around for ages trying to find your pyjamas and toothbrush.
  • Roll your clothes, don't fold them. They are less likely to crease and you can fit more in your case. Win win.
  • Put electronics in the middle of your clothes for extra protection. Suitcases can be manhandled a lot on their journey so minimise the risk of any damage.
Putting items into storage? Make sure you pack them up safely to avoid damage. Check out our top tips for perfect packing.

2) Give yourself some credit

When moving to a different country one of the first things people often do is to sort out their money. They learn about the currency, make sure they have some cash for when they land and set up a bank account ahead of time. It is equally as important to make sure you have your money sorted for when you move back, however long it is for. Do you still have a bank account you can use whilst you are over there? Could you benefit from taking a pre-paid card such as Monzo back with you for a short period?

3) Don't forget the pet

Leaving the country temporarily? Don't be in the doghouse with your pets. Make sure you have found a loving home with either a friend, family member or respected kennel so your pet is in the best hands whilst you are away. And remember, you can always Skype your pet when you're away. Most dogs are responsive to their owners' voice and face on a tablet device. Virtual kisses and cuddles will help when you are missing them.

4) What's in store?

  • Only leaving for a short period of time and don't want to take everything with you? You don't have to. It is much more sensible to keep your items in storage, ready and waiting for you when you return. If you are not sure exactly where you are moving back to and when, you need a flexible storage service that can deliver to your new accommodation at short notice, as opposed to a traditional self-storage unit in a fixed location.
  • LOVESPACE offer:
  • Next day collection
  • Store for as little or as long as you want
  • Next day delivery anywhere in the UK
  • International shipping available upon request at additional costs
Travelling can be stressful and often things get forgotten or lost along the way. The worst case scenario would be losing your important documents. So make sure you have a back-up that can be used in emergencies. We suggest carrying:
  • Spare boarding pass
  • Copies of your passport
  • Copies of visas, depending on country
  • Pen for filling out forms
  • Reservation of accommodation printed and on mobile

6) Stay in your comfort zone

Whatever the reason for your departure, you want to arrive at your new destination as relaxed as possible. So don't overlook the value of taking a few home comforts on the plane, particularly if it is a long-haul flight. We recommend taking:
  • Hard sweets to suck so your ears don't pop on take off and landing
  • A neck pillow so you don't fall asleep and end up with a sore neck for your trip
  • Any eye mask and ear plugs to help you get some sleep (especially good if there are screaming babies on your flight)
  • Reading material to keep you occupied
  • A good playlist to unwind and relax you

Need visa advice? Keep calm and visit

If you are in the process of trying to renew your visa for the UK there is plenty of help at hand, so don't panic. You can visit the website for information and help, and find out how to get access to an immigration advisor. They will help you with the process and your application.bedroom feng shui coloursIf you prepare all of these things as soon as you can then you will have less to worry about when it comes to the actual move. So if you know you will be leaving the country temporarily at some point, get planning. And if you want to leave some of your stuff in safe hands whilst you are away, we are very happy to help.

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