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Top 6 Tips for Perfectly Packing Your Items

Think about packing your things up for storage in the same way as you would when creating the perfect cocktail. You’ve got to think about the order of your ingredients (a piña colada would be ruined if you put the coconut milk in first), make sure it’s not under-filled, but also not overflowing, and finish with an umbrella (ok that’s where the simile ends, but we do also accept umbrellas incidentally)! Here are our top tips for packing your items safely and securely;
  1. Line your box with bubble wrap – order it here.
  2. Place any delicate items in their own cocoon of bubble wrap for added protection. Remember, we don't accept items containing or made of glass and although we can accept fragile items (crockery, TVs, etc.), we cannot insure them - so the more layers of bubble wrap the better!
  3. Put your squishiest items at the bottom and top of the box, and your most precious items in the middle.
  4. Don’t leave the box with empty space – this can cause your box to be squashed which isn’t good for it – pad out any extra space with bubble wrap.
  5. …But also be careful not to put more in there than the box is designed for – if you can’t close the lid, then there’s too much in there. And remember that you need to keep the box under 25kgs in weight so we can carry it! A good rule of thumb is, if you can’t lift it easily, neither can we.
  6.  Loop over the bubble wrap from your lining to seal the contents in and its ready for the LOVESPACE team to pick it up.

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