Marie Kondo is a professional organising consultant. She is on a mission to help us all with decluttering to improve our lives through the art of tidying up. Here are the 5 key lessons from her KonMari Method.
Tips for decluttering your home by Marie Kondo, the world leading professional organising and tidying consultant

1) Tackle one category at a time

Marie Kondo suggests that we should stop taking on one room at a time in our house. Instead of starting by clearing out our bedroom or bathroom, and start focusing on decluttering by the type of belongings. She recommends starting with clothes as they tend to be the least sentimental belongings we own so it is the easiest place to start. By tackling a whole category at a time you can be sure that you have fully cleared out all the belongings you don’t need or want anymore. This way they won’t keep popping up in other rooms! Make piles of the stuff you really want to keep, things you want to gift to friends or charity, and things that can be stored outside of your home such as your winter clothes in the summer and vice versa.

2) Give all belongings a proper home

Hint: Under the bed or shoved in the back of your wardrobe doesn’t count! We are all guilty of shoving our belongings anywhere they’ll fit from time to time. Marie stresses the importance of stopping this and having a designated space for all of your possessions. They all deserve respect and space to breath. By ensuring that there is a special place for everything you own, you wont end up buying more stuff than you need. This is crucial to helping the decluttering process as it is easier to decide which items you can get rid of when they don’t have a designated space.

3) Be thankful for the things you own

One of the fundamental principles of Marie Kondo’s KonMari method is to surround yourself with items that give you joy and improve your sense of happiness and well-being. It is important to acknowledge what your possessions do for you everyday, to practice gratitude for what we have and stop craving the material things we don’t have. By starting to thank your belongings for their service to you, it will become apparent which possessions you are more attached to than others. This will highlight which items you are happy to get rid of. When you do begin decluttering and get rid of some possessions, give them a final thank you and good bye.

4) Fold your clothes, don’t hang them

This may seem like a small thing, but the rewards are huge. Marie has designed the perfect way to fold your different garments, and make it much easier to select them from your dresser. You can fit more clothes comfortably into the space that you have and the clothes are protected more from damage. There is a lot to be said for taking some stress away from the morning routine by being able to clearly identify which garment is which at a glance in your perfectly tidy wardrobe. Check out Marie Kondo’s handy tutorial videos on how to fold flawlessly.

5) Always have the end goal in mind

Tidiness is a journey. There are always improvements that can be made. It is important that when you set out on this journey you establish why you are doing it and what you want to gain. It may be that you want a much clearer and freer space at home to help with your creativity and serenity. If this is the case, remind yourself before every tidying task that this is helping you reach your goal. Then you are less likely to give up. The more you start to see the benefits and feel the end goal in sight, the more fun it will become.

Good luck with your journey to a tidier, happier life.

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