How It Works

LOVESPACE makes storage simple. If you’ve got furniture or any other stuff that doesn’t fit into a box, just tell us how much space you need.

1. You Book

Choose how much space you need (3'x4', 6'x4' or 8'x6'). If you need more space, just get in touch. You can also order cardboard boxes and our other packing materials if you need them.

  • Don’t worry, if you’re not quite sure how much space you need, we will check and confirm after we’ve collected your stuff.
  • A member of our customer service team will be in touch within 1 working day of your booking to chat through your collection and to confirm your collection date.
  • We store pretty much anything! Boxes, beds, sofas and business bits and bobs. As long as the item isn’t fragile, and it can be taken out your property, we’ll store it. You can see a list of the few things we can’t store here.
  • Store your stuff in the packing materials you’ve ordered from us, or in your own boxes, provided they’re suitably sturdy (see details here). We can also store your larger non-boxed items and household furniture safely – our professional team will wrap these items before loading onto the van.

To find out more about packing materials, our prices and what you can store with us, see our FAQs.

To find out if we can collect from your postcode, click here.

2. We Pack (optional service)

Our professional and dedicated 2-person packing team are on hand to help you with packing, if you need it, for an additional £70 per hour or part thereof.

  • If you choose to pack, be sure to order materials in advance. If you choose our team to pack, they will provide their own materials.
  • We can pack pretty much anything! You can see a list of the few things we can’t pack here.
  • The collection team will label and give you a short description of every item so you can easily order it back later.

To find out more about packing, see our FAQs.

3. We Collect

We'll send a dedicated 2-person team to ensure your collection goes smoothly. On the day of your collection, you’ll need to be around to make sure that our team can access your property and collect the right stuff!

  • We collect Monday to Saturday.
  • Collections cost £70 per hour or part thereof. We charge a minimum 1-hour. The clock starts when our drivers arrive and ends once you’ve signed confirmation of the collection, so you don’t pay for the driving time or fuel. If you choose our packing service, there is an additional charge.
  • We’ll make a note of the room we collected each box from in your LOVESPACE account.
  • If you need to make any changes, let us know at least 4 working days before the collection so we can send the right team and van. We’ll not be able to make changes after this time. The easiest way to make changes is by contacting the customer service team on or 0800 802 1018.

To find out more about collections, see our FAQs.

4. We Store

We carefully store your stuff in a secure, CCTV-monitored storage facility, ready and waiting for when you need it back.

  • Once we put your stuff in storage, we’ll confirm how much space you’ve used.
  • You can move stuff in and out of storage – if you end up storing more or less, we’ll simply update your future monthly payments accordingly.

To find out more about storage, see our FAQs.

5. We Deliver

When you want your stuff back, simply book a delivery from your account. Delivery to the room of your choosing costs £140 and a dedicated 2-person team will deliver your furniture or all your stuff back. If you want a few boxes returned to the ground floor, delivery starts from £5.95 per box.​

  • You can book a delivery for one box, some or all of your stuff through your LOVESPACE account online.
  • Deliveries of furniture or any stuff that doesn’t fit into boxes costs £70.​
  • For deliveries with lots of stuff, or any especially large items, we’ll send a 4-person team, which will cost £140.​
  • Delivery of a few boxes to the ground floor starts from £5.95 per box. AM, Saturday or next day deliveries have additional charges.​
  • Delivery to an address more than 25 miles from the collection address will require a bespoke quote. Please contact the customer team on or 0800 802 1018 to find out more.
  • You have up to 2 working days before your delivery to reschedule or cancel your order.​ We’ll not be able to make changes after this time. The easiest way to make changes is by contacting the customer service team on or 0800 802 1018.

To find out more about deliveries, see our FAQs.