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Thinking of becoming a digital nomad?

Zack Young, an entrepreneur, digital strategist and LOVESPACE customer is epitomising the 'Live a Bigger Life' lifestyle. He left London in October 2015 to live as a digital nomad; travelling around Asia and working on his laptop as he travels. It really does sound dreamy, doesn't it?

Well, what if we were to tell you that in our increasingly connected world, the 'digital nomad' lifestyle is not as hard to achieve as you may think...? The technology is there for most people with digital or writing skills to be able to work remotely. Plus, with services like ScanMyPost and LOVESPACE to help take care of your post and physical possessions while you're away, there's a great argument for making the leap.

Here's Zack's learnings from his new, experimental lifestyle as a digital nomad (with images from the journey):


"Selling your stuff isn’t so bad. I had years of 'stuff' filling up my apartment. Clothes I hadn’t worn in years. I managed to downsize it to just 3 small boxes, which I gave to a cool storage startup called LOVESPACE. Once you realise that most of your ‘stuff’ is actually making you unhappy, you’ll cut down to the essentials.

Zack Young with his LOVESPACE boxes


Dress for function, not fashion. It’s a lifestyle very much built on function — a balance of work, health, travel, personal development… with this in mind, I packed purely for function. Oh, and laundry is super cheap, you only need a few days' worth of clothes.

Travelling light - clothes a man needs to pack


What tools make you most productive? You’re going to be with them for hours on end, you need to enjoy them.

Travel essentials for a 'digital nomad'


You’re going to be spending hours waiting for planes, trains, etc. How can you be productive? I use Audible, it enables me to listen to many new books without the trouble of carrying them around.

The airport lounge


Data is cheap and readily available, make sure you’re connected — it’ll help you keep in touch, do more work & not feel thousands of miles away.



Working on the move isn’t easy, but it’s possible. We’ve spent countless hours searching for cafes with good wifi, decent coffee, good AC… sometimes it all goes smoothly, other times it’s impossible. It’s essential to be flexible.

Zack Young, entrepreneur working on the move


Co-working spaces are available and they rock. This is Paper + Toast in Kuala Lumpur, a co-working space which had super fast internet and decent coffee. It was totally worth checking in here for a day.

Paper + Toast


You can live very well, for very little (in Asia). Luxury apartments, great meals & more for the same price as the commute in London. Let it empower you to do and be more.

Living a bigger life, travelling in Asia


Focus on health — there are swimming pools and gyms onsite in many hotels and apartments, it’s so much easier to fit a workout & healthy lifestyle in while being on the road.

Keeping fit whilst travelling


Sometimes you need a day off to have some fun, no work allowed. It’s easy to get wrapped up in building businesses, working on content & writing books… but days off are essential to keeping things in balance.

Live a bigger life while you travel


This life isn’t for everyone, but I’d say it’s worth a chapter of anyone's time. It enables you to grow on so many levels, live well for very little & experience true independence away from the comfort zones of the society we’ve grown up in."


To find out more about Zack Young, check out his site. He's also setting up a platform called the Digital Freedom Visa, to help those interested in making the leap to become a digital nomad.

If you've been inspired by Zack's travels, LOVESPACE can help you with your adventure! Find out how easy it is to start living a bigger life!

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