Kelly is a native of Durban, South Africa, living in and working in London for the past 5 years or so. She works in HR, explores the world as much as she can, and loves music. Read more about the bigger life she’s been leading below.

Kelly – Space Maker since August 2013

When did you decide you wanted to lead a bigger life? How come?

I don’t know if it was a conscious decision. Gradually over the last few years, I guess from living in London (coming from SA), to experiencing the beauty of travel, to seeing how the world is changing and how life is so short, that I have tried to weave into my life the motto of ‘everything is possible, and nothing is too extraordinary’. People are always hesitating, and worried about what they should do (or what society depicts), and actually at the end of the day, whatever is going to make you happy, is the simplest way to live.

Tell us more about your adventures!

In a nutshell, my idea of an adventure is summarised into one word: FUN. If I am having fun, its an adventure. This includes anything from sitting on the hill at Glastonbury in the sunshine watching Kenny Rogers, to hiking in a rainforest to get 2 metres away from a silverback gorilla. My favourite adventure so far has definitely been my visit to Uganda. Its important to unplug from the rat race, and slow down to appreciate that life can be simple, and happiness doesn’t only come from wealth. I met some of the happiest people ever, on the side of the Nile in Uganda, where all they had was a mud hut, and minimal necessities.

What’s your favourite place in the world? Why?

Almost impossible to say. But if I have to, I would say the Transkei Wild Coast, South Africa. An untouched expanse of coastline with rolling mountains, simple huts, waterfalls and great wildlife. Second would be Interlaken, in Switzerland. This place is close to my heart because this is where I learnt how to sled, fell in love with mountain biking in autumn, I sat by the lakes for hours reading my book, enjoyed a Swiss band on Halloween with a bunch of Swissies, and hiked up to the tip of the mountains surrounding the town. The people there are all cut from the same cloth – living life outdoors.

What’s the most played song on your iPod?

Currently: Pompeii – Bastille. Secondly – ‘I guess that’s why they call it the blues – Elton John’ and thirdly ‘Limit to your love – James Blake’

If jobs were paid in cheerfulness, what kind of work would make you rich?

Being a vet.

What three things would you take with you to a desert island? How come?

Ipod – Music is super important to me
Water – what’s life without water?
Swiss Army knife

Tell us a joke…
No. I literally cannot remember jokes, sorry. [Editor:] Perfect, we get to tell one… A man walked into a bar…ouch.


NOV 2013