Did you know that it’s National Organising Week from 1-7 November 2014?

The slogan for the week is Do It NOW! It marks the 10-year anniversary of the Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers – a network of more than 100 accredited experts across the UK who help people to clear the clutter in their homes and in their heads!

Declutter coach and leading apdo-uk member Juliet Landau-Pope of JLPCoach helps teenagers, parents, professionals and elderly people to manage time and space more effectively. She says:

“We live in a consumer society where shopping has become a leisure activity but the reality is that most of us have far too much stuff in our homes. People often feel overwhelmed by their household belongings and by the never-ending stream of paperwork and things that they (and other family members) accumulate. My role as a declutter coach is to motivate people to sort, select, store, reuse, recycle, donate and discard things they no longer need or want. The key is to review and shift habits, and to learn to focus on what really matters.”


Juliet shares with LOVESPACE her 5 top decluttering tips:

  1. BE POSITIVE: Clarify what you want to achieve and reflect on why this really matters to you. Whether you’re preparing to move or decorate, or creating more space in your home, focus on what you’re gaining by clearing your clutter.
  1. BE PARTICULAR: The idea of decluttering your entire home may seem overwhelming so choose one specific space to start. Set limited goals such as sorting the contents of one bookshelf or cabinet, and take one step at a time.
  1. Be PURPOSEFUL: Find meaningful ways to part from things that you no longer need/want. Let others benefit from your unworn clothes or toys your kids don’t play with by donating them to charity shops. Think about what you can take to recycling or community reuse schemes.
  1. PRAISE YOURSELF: Take time to notice and celebrate your achievements. Reinforce your motivation by sharing your success with others, too. If you’re enthusiastic about decluttering, your family or flatmates are more likely to join in.
  1. DON’T GO IT ALONE: Decluttering alone can be quite daunting. Make it fun by asking a friend or neighbour for help – maybe offer to return the favour. Alternatively, a professional declutterer can provide practical help, empathy and support. If you’re in N London, contact me for a free consultation. If you’re anywhere else in the UK, visit the APDO website: www.apdo-uk.co.uk.


Juliet is an Oxford-educated lecturer, coach, declutterer and speaker. She works with individuals in their homes, runs clutter coaching groups and leads workshops for personal and professional development. Click here to see her website. For a free telephone consultation, call: 078178 33319 or email: juliet@jlpcoach.com

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OCT 2014