We all love a good house party – so we’re excited to announce that we are offering a party protection service! Now you can be the perfect party host and be free to party the night away, safe in the knowledge nothing will have wine spilled on it and nothing can get damaged.

The price for storage is £5.95 (or less) per box with free collection. Return is £7.95 for the first box and £3.95 for each subsequent box in the same order.

A day or two before the party, you can order boxes, bubble wrap and tape (for a few £s) and we’ll deliver them directly to your door for you to pack your things up. We’ll then return with our van and whisk your goods away to our warehouse to store whilst you party the night away! After the guests have gone home and your house is cleaned and back to normal, you can then book in the delivery of your things – we’ll pack up your boxes and bring them straight back to your door a day or two after the party.

Packing materials can be delivered the next day, including Monday – Saturday.

Collection and delivery of your goods can be booked for next day – Monday – Friday.

Click here to get started. For a full list of what you can and cannot store, please visit our terms page.