We here at Lovespace have developed a great fondness for all things ordered. While we work all day to make sure all our customers belonging are neatly stored in our warehouse, we like to browse the web for other folks who share our passion for symmetry. Call it occupational disease or just plain OCD, but we just can’t get enough of it. Here’s a list of some of our favourite:

We love Jean Nouvel’s symmetry in the office space!

Geometric shelving

We always keep a look out for things organized neatly:

Chopping board

We agree with Ursus Wehrli that cleaning up is often an art form:

Kitchen worktop

We always enjoy re-watching Jacques Tati’s classic films:

Geometric Office

Of course, we can still indulge in contemporary architecture, such as Serpentine Pavillion’s 2005 Alvaro Siza residency:

Geometric wood

We also think that when your house is on fire, you can still prepare your essentials in order:

Shoes, bag and paint on the floor

Life is rarely this clean and tidy, so if you’re ever in need to save space or store your things in orderly fashion, let us know and we’ll get right to it.