We wanted to find out what Brits’ would love to have room for in their homes, so we asked 2000 people and the results we got make for pretty interesting reading!

As well as flamboyant pools and Jacuzzis, 41 per cent of men would have a wine collection or a microbrewery if they had enough space. There’s obviously a difference in prioritising space between the sexes, only 16 per cent of women considered storing a wine collection – more women would actually prefer to have a tropical fish tank (17%)!

Here are the top ten most desired items Brits wish they had enough room for:

1- Walk in Wardrobe- 43.20%

2- Indoor pool- 42.95%

3- Jacuzzi- 32.30%

4- Pool table- 26.55%

5- Wine collection- 18.40%

6- Tropical fish tank- 17.70%

7- Mini bar- 17.30%

8- Grand piano- 15.30%

9- Microbrewery- 12.85%

10- Model train set- 11.20%

We found out that the average American home has more than twice the space, so it’s no wonder we Brits desire more space to live bigger lives. The truth is that many homes could fit these items in, if people were more rigorous about getting rid of clutter, or storing belongings they don’t use on a daily basis. Just think of all that fun you could have with a games room and a wine collection!

Here at LOVESPACE, we believe the dream of having a walk in wardrobe or a pool table could be achievable by relocating non-everyday essentials or changing your home contents with the seasons. By decluttering, you can free up space you didn’t think you had – effectively giving yourself a bigger home!

What do you wish you had space for? Send us pictures of your dream items or spaces – be they walk-in wardrobes, giant slides or microbreweries and we’ll be giving out iTunes vouchers to the pick of the crop. You can post pictures to our Facebook page or send by email. Good luck!


Image credit: Mariah Carey’s wardrobe as featured in In Style Home