Yes, it’s that time of year again… And let’s face it, we all procrastinate. But it is no excuse now.

7 – 13 November 2016 is National Organising Week (NOW) with the slogan “Do It NOW”, promoted by APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers) – a non-profit body of nearly 180 accredited UK experts who help busy people to organise homes and workplaces.

NOW national organising week

Declutter coach Juliet Landau-Pope of JLPCoach motivates teenagers, parents, professionals and elderly people to shift habits as well as surplus stuff. As a professional organiser, she understands how difficult it is to get to it, noting:

“It’s clear that at any age or stage of life, household clutter can be overwhelming. From clothes to kitchenware, toys to toiletries, gadgets to gifts – we acquire more things that we need. And when it comes to decluttering and organising, procrastination can be a major challenge. This can be particularly acute for people dealing with life transitions such as having a baby, moving home, or dealing with separation/divorce or bereavement. I help busy people to focus on what matters most and empower them to make decisions about what to reuse, recycle, donate or discard. Finding creative and cost-efficient storage solutions can also be vital.”

To mark NOW, Juliet shares her 5 top tips for overcoming procrastination:

1. Visualise success.
Imagine what your space will look like when it’s clutter-free and picture how you’d like to make use of it. Whether you’re keen to clear a dining-room to entertain friends or to create space for your children to play or study, focus on tangible and positive goals.

2. Look forward, not back.
Don’t dwell on how the clutter accumulated or why you haven’t been able to tackle it till now – ruminating about the past isn’t likely to spur you into action. Instead, nurture a positive mindset by rewarding yourself for acknowledging clutter and taking steps to remedy it.

3. Break down the project
into manageable chunks and focus on first steps. Start somewhere that won’t demand too much physical or emotional effort – perhaps a hallway or a kitchen. Monitor progress, celebrate successes every step of the way. Some people find it motivating to take before/after photographs.

4. Abandon perfectionism.
Your home doesn’t need to look like a magazine spread or to live up to the expectations of others; it just needs to function well for you and your family. Take inspiration from best-selling books and well-meaning friends but don’t feel compelled to follow any one method. Experiment with different approaches to find strategies that work for you.

5. Share your goals.
Make yourself accountable to someone who will empathise and encourage. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness; on the contrary, it reflects strength and resourcefulness so don’t be afraid to turn to supportive friends or family. Professional organisers offer practical help and emotional support. Find a UK accredited expert via APDO for some help.

LOVESPACE storage boxes being used for packing

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Juliet is an Oxford-educated lecturer, certified coach, professional organiser and study skills expert. She works with individuals on site and by phone/Skype, runs clutter coaching groups and leads workshops for personal and professional development. Click here for more info or a free consultation.