Is there anything you won’t cover?

There are some items we won’t cover:

  • Any prohibited items (see ‘Is there anything I can’t store?’)
  • Damage caused by the inclusion of liquids, perishable goods or any of the prohibited items listed
  • Electrical or mechanical damage to any appliance, instrument, clock, computer or other equipment unless there is evidence of related external damage
  • For any goods which have a pre-existing defect or are inherently defective
  • Fragile items that are not able to be packed into boxes, such as mirrors, frames or lamps
  • Passports, credit or debit cards or important documents (including passports, tenders, share and option certificates)
  • Jewellery, watches, trinkets, precious stones or metals,  deeds, securities, stamps, coins, or goods or collections of any similar kind
  • Fragile items such as crockery that have not been adequately packaged inside a LOVESPACE crockery box with sufficient bubble wrap or packing paper
  • Items not packed into double-walled cardboard boxes, including suitcases
  • Incidental damage or loss.

You can find out more about how our contents cover works here.

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