Traditional self storage units like Big Yellow Storage, Access, Shurgard and Safestore can be very expensive.  Firstly, you have to pay per sq ft, meaning that inevitably you will end up paying for some empty space that you don’t use.  Secondly, there are usually hidden extra charges for compulsory item coverage that don’t show up on their initial quotes. And thirdly, you have to pay for the cost of transporting your items to and from your storage unit!

How does our pricing work?

Prices start from as low as £1.95 per box per month; our lowest rates are available if you store more boxes or commit to a longer storage period. To get a personalised quote, click here.

If you know how long you’d like to store your things for, then you can take advantage of lower rates by choosing a ‘Longer Term Price Plan’ and committing to a certain period of time. To stay longer than your committed time, you can just sign up to another plan or revert to our monthly pay-as-you-store rates.

If you’re not sure how long you need to store your things for, you can ‘pay-as-you-store’. Simply select 1 month when you’re placing your order and you’ll pay the same amount each month until you decide to recall your things.

At LOVESPACE our pricing is transparent.You can store from just one box to thousands, and standard item coverage is included in the price you see.  Not only that, but we collect and deliver to any UK address – meaning that you never have to visit a storage unit again!

Compare storage prices here

Traditional self storage
LOVESPACEBig YellowAccessShurgardSafestore
Only pay for storage that you useYESNONONONO
Manage your storage onlineYESNONONONO
Next day collection and deliveryYESNONONONO
FREE item coverage included in the priceYESNONONONO
Service coverageUK – NationwideUK storesEngland storesLondon storesUK stores
Boxes tape & bubble wrap deliveredYESYESYESNOYES
Standard Collection CostFREECar or van hire plus fuel, tax & congestion charge (& lots of stress!)
Standard Return Cost£5.95 per item
1 item for 1 month£9.95Single item storage unavailable
8 items for 6 months (10 sq ft storage unit)£180£408£323£399£520
20 items for 12 months (20 sq ft storage unit)£468£1,426£1,371£1,210N/A

LOVESPACE is not just the cheapest option… It’s also the smartest for you or your business.

Other benefits in addition to cheap storage rates include:

✓ Door-to-door, next day service – nationwide
✓ Flexible storage – only pay for what you store
✓ Never have to visit a storage unit again – Save time and money
✓ Manage all of your items online at the click of a button
✓ Item coverage included

We’re confident that you won’t find a more convenient storage solution for you or your business.

Call 0333 0112 909 to speak to a dedicated business storage specialist and get a bespoke quote.

Want to store furniture?

You can store large items such as furniture and more with us if you live within the M25. The furniture storage prices are as follows:

Double bed : FROM £81.75 per month

Single bed : FROM £61.35 per month

Bedside table: FROM £14.20 per month

Sofa: FROM £50.20 per month

Armchair: FROM £31.55 per month

Guitar : £7.30 per month

Suggested storage packages

Those storing with us to declutter and make more space at home tend to store around 10 boxes for 12 months. This plan works out at £2.70 per box per month.

Need student holiday storage?
Students typically store around 7 boxes for 3 months. This works out at £4.80 per box per month. Look out for promotional discount codes at your University and on NUS.

Between properties?
Moving between rented homes? You can store with us in between. Store 10 boxes for 1 month at a cost of £5.85 per box per month.