It’s not just celebrities like Victoria Beckham who are paying for extra space to store their clothes, shoes and accessories.  Ordinary women are also using storage services like LOVESPACE as a solution to their bursting wardrobes – especially in London where high property prices mean that storage space comes at a premium.

Storage for clothes, shoes and handbags

The Mail on Sunday spoke to handbag collector and vintage clothes junkie Avigail Collins, 28, who keeps the bulk of her collection in storage with LOVESPACE.

Avigail commented “In London, it’s just a nightmare with space.  We have two wardrobes and three chests of drawers, but my husband has even more shoes than I do, amazingly, so we would need a big mansion in order to fit all our clothes in.”

Avigail Uses LOVESPACE to store her clothes

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Read the full Mail on Sunday article about clothes storage services here.

JUN 2015