LOVESPACE is offering newly cohabiting couples the perfect safety net to guard against unexpected break-ups – a Secret Storage Service. LOVESPACE will secretly store one ‘Duplicrate’ of items that nervous cohabitees might wish to keep hold of should the unthinkable happen and the relationship fail.

29 per cent of UK households consist of only one person so when two people finally take the plunge and decide to live together, they often have two of everything, such as kettles, toasters, linen, crockery and other personal effects that there just isn’t space for in their new house.

Cohabiting couples are twice as likely to break up as married partners, so if you had to throw away all of your household and personal items before moving in, you could be left with an expensive shopping trip to re-establish your independence if you do break up.

We want to help the biggest commitment-phobes move in with their partners. Openly keeping hold of things that you identify with your single life isn’t exactly a recipe for happily ever after, so we have decided to offer apprehensive cohabiters a secret service where they can keep a box of their past life.

For a limited period on a first come, first served basis, LOVESPACE is offering the Secret Storage Service free for a whole year. People can register their interest and pre-book their ‘Duplicrate’ by emailing