With space on Earth at a premium, LOVESPACE are pioneering a new storage solution that is out of this world

Humans have been travelling into space for 45 years – holidays to the moon are not yet a reality, but we have taken Richard Branson’s latest company, Virgin Galactic as inspiration for the new exploration into outer space storage.

We have created this innovative solution in a bid to combat the effects of the ever-reducing amount of space available on the planet, and provide new meaning to our mantra of ‘enabling people to live bigger lives’.

LOVESPACE customers will now be offered the option of being some of the first people in the world to go galactic and send their belongings into outer space. Using ex-NASA equipment, we have created the Space Odyssey Rocket to propel boxes to a specially designed space storage station.

When a customer wants their belongings delivered straight back to their door, the delivery time is currently 24 hours – with the new service, delivery time can be less than 12 hours.

LOVESPACE is offering one free space box to anyone who tweets about the revolutionary launch to @LoveSpaceUK, before noon on 1st April using the hashtag #OUTERSPACESTORAGE

Pria Ofoll, head of ideation at LOVESPACE said:

“The size of the planet’s population is exploding – there are now over seven billion people on the planet. This means a large majority of space will be required just for housing, and storage facilities will soon become impractically expensive due to the premium cost placed on land – we’re not waiting until this is the case. We’re a forward thinking company, pioneering a new and exciting living solution light years ahead of the competition. If you use LOVESPACE, no-one will hear you scream about not having enough space!”

“At the heart of LOVESPACE is a passion for disrupting the current industry and vowing never to simply do things the same way our competitors do – we literally looked to the stars for this solution and we are incredibly proud to announce the launch today – this changes everything.”


Published 1st April 2014.