Break ups are hard – we all know that.  Sometimes in the initial stages we all need a little bit of breathing space before we can look back and appreciate the good times. So, to help those who just aren’t quite ready to part with items of sentimental value from a former flame, we’re introducing our new ExBox service. We say keep hold of those important memories (but at a safe distance), or perhaps you need to hide away a box of keepsakes from a new lover…

Our recent survey results revealed 56 per cent of Britons find it impossible to let go of past relationships after a break-up by admitting to keeping hold of items like photos, gig tickets and Valentine’s Day cards after parting ways.

When comparing the sexes, men showed themselves to be slightly more sentimental than women, with four per cent more saying they would refuse to throw any physical memories away after a split. 11 per cent of the nation also admitted to keeping their past relationship hoard secret from their new partner.


Curious to know more? See below the top 10 items Brits keep hold of to remind them of happier times:


1. Birthday & Christmas gifts (53%)

Unwrapping musical instrument

2. Photos (41%)

Photo collection

3. Jewellery (27%) Keepsakes

4. CDs, DVDs or Vinyl (23%) CD Collection

5. Love letters (21%)

Relationship breakup note

6. Gig/cinema/outing tickets (21%)

Festival tickets

7. Birthday & Valentine’s Day cards (19%)

Valentines day cards

8. Restaurant receipts (9%)

Man holding receipt

9. Sex tapes/ naughty photos (6%) Storing relationship breakup

10. Champagne corks (5%)

Wedding gifts

Are you a victim of a messy break up? Store away your relationship keepsakes until you’re ready to see them again. Click here to get started.