There are many reasons why you should be making space in your home this January, one of them being so you can actually see the colour on your walls! You wouldn’t want to spend hours making the walls look great only to cover them up with clutter, right? Colour brings a huge amount of life and personality to a room – and subconsciously, it can also greatly affect your mood.
This infographic – Hues For Your Home – looks at colours in the home and how they work best. We’ll start with the anatomy of colour, moving through the psychology of colour and even colour relationships so you can see which colours work best together. So, what are you waiting for? Get painting!
Infograpic showing why yellow is good for kitchens and dining rooms
Guest Blog from Jade Waddy
Jade Waddy is an experience writer with an NOCN level 3 in Journalism. She writes on all manner of subjects but specialises in home improvement and works for Fit My Bedroom.