LOVESPACE are in partnership with Oxfam to offer a convenient way for our customers to donate to the charity.

Here’s how it works:

  • Order your ‘Donation box’ during the Materials section of your order – it’s completely free of charge. For each ‘Donation box’ you order, we make a donation to the Depaul Box Company so that they can help young homeless people in the UK.
  • Even if you’re not ordering packing materials because you have your own boxes, we can still send you a ‘Donation box’ as soon as the very next working day
  • Your ‘Donation box’ looks different from a LOVESPACE box – you don’t have to stick any labels on it. Please don’t use the ‘Donation box’ for storing your things!
  • We’ll collect your ‘Donation box’ along with your other things and send it onto Oxfam on your behalf

For more information on what you can and can’t send into Oxfam – please have a read through here – but here’s a lovely list of the many things which can be donated to this excellent cause:

• Good quality, clean clothing and shoes (including vintage and retro items, and even bras!)
• Bags and accessories
• Jewellery and valuables
• Books
• Music (CDs, vinyl, DVDs, Blu-rays, musical instruments and sheet music)
• Homewares: china, kitchenware, ornaments, pictures, collectables
• Soft furnishings: small rugs, linen, curtains (must be clean and in good condition)
• Knitted items and blankets
• Toys and games
• Wedding dresses and accessories
• Mobile phones
• Furniture
• Stamps and coins