Nothing says Merry Christmas more than an invite for mulled wine and mince pies with your mates! Yep, it’s that time of year when you invite all your favorite people round to celebrate. Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to have the space to fit a Christmas tree in, let alone all your pals! Flats these days are definitely not getting any bigger – and the amount of stuff we accumulate each year is not getting any smaller… That’s where we come in.

Here are the top 3 things we recommend you store away to make space for a very Merry Christmas.

Father Christmas on a bike

1. Bikes. Does anyone normal ride their bike at this time of year in the freezing cold? No. Didn’t think so. If (like some of the guilty LOVESPACE team members) your bike is taking up prime Christmas tree space in your lounge, now is the time to get rid. Store it away safely with LOVESPACE until the daffodils are blooming once again and you can ride to work without your fingers and toes falling off.

Kitchen appliances

2. Home appliances. Everyone has their quirky selection of home appliances that never see the light of day. Juicers, fondue and bread makers, old vacuum cleaners and duplicate kettles tend to remain selfishly in at least one sparse kitchen cupboard. Considering city dwellers have about 5 or 6  – this cupboard could and (especially at Christmas) should be reserved solely for the good stuff – party food!

Open book with ideas coming out

3. Old books. Now, being a digital business, we may be somewhat biased – but we think that a book, once read, is a book that’s in your head. Whether you choose to store your books away or donate them to a worthy cause, ‘tis definitely the season to create some surface space… when else are you allowed to ‘clutter’ your surface with twinkle and tinsel?!


To help you put a star on your Christmas tree AND get your pals round this year, we’re offering 1 box free for 1 month* with code ‘LOVEXMAS14’.


We’d love to see the difference a little space can make to your festive décor. Send us a picture of your decorated Christmas tree and the best will win FREE storage for a year (so you can store your lovely Christmas decorations away until next year!).


*Offer expires at the end of December 2014. All storage orders will be credited with £5.95 – equivalent to storage of 1 box for 1 month. Discount will be applied at checkout.


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