It’s a Cheaper Way to Live in London…

People across the UK are cohabiting at a younger age than ever before. Recent research conducted by LOVESPACE showed that 41% of people surveyed first moved in with their partner or spouse at the age of 24 or younger.*

This trend is partly due to rising property prices in London pushing up the cost of a single lifestyle. With the average rental cost of a one bedroom flat in a Zone 1/2 location like Vauxhall standing at £1,660pm, it’s clear to see why many couples are choosing to move in together in order to make London living more affordable.

At current rates, splitting the rental costs of a double room or one-bed flat can save thousands of pounds a year. Just think of the fun things that you could do with that much extra cash – no more ‘romantic’ dates to Nandos for you two, no siree!

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But Before You Move In…

Before you turn up on your partner’s doorstep with all your worldly possessions in a cardboard box, pause for a minute. Moving in together might mean you can afford to dine in Nobu rather than Nandos every now and again, but remember that living together in a small London flat can be pretty challenging.  And you probably won’t even have enough room in your home to swing a cat for stress relief.

Luckily, we have 3 great tips to help make cohabiting the stuff of dreams rather than nightmares. We based our findings on a recent piece of YouGov research for LOVESPACE* which surveyed over 2000 UK adults to find out about their experience of living with a partner. We’ve filtered through their responses for you and summarised the key findings here so that you can hopefully avoid some of their mistakes!

3 Tips For Moving in Together:

1. Think carefully about your use of space

73% of under 34 year olds who have lived with a partner or spouse said limited storage space put a strain on their relationship when they first moved in together.

If you are moving to a London flat, space is likely to be limited. Before you move in, work out how many duplicate items you own, and discuss whether it’s essential for them both to be kept in your flat. You’re unlikely to need two teapots, toasters or tents, so avoid cluttering up your valuable cupboard space with items that will just sit there gathering dust.

Don’t just throw all duplicates out though, especially if it leaves one person with far fewer belongings than they started off with. It’s a sad but true fact that relationships do break up, so make sure that you still own some essential items if you do decide to go your separate ways in future. We really wouldn’t want to think of you being heartbroken and toaster-less.

2. Be prepared to store some things away

31% of those surveyed claimed sentimental childhood possessions like teddy bears were the main cause of strain in the relationship due to limited space.


Don’t let a stuffed toy ruin your relationship. We’re not saying that you have to pack ALL of your old teddies into storage, but if they are taking up valuable space in your bedroom at the expense of something (or someone) important, it’s probably time to say goodbye to some of them – if only for a little while.

Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be alone – at LOVESPACE we store boxes full of teddies for customers all over the London! And because we offer storage with next day return delivery to anywhere in the UK, if you decide that you really must see Mr Ted again, you can be reunited at the click of a button!

3.  Be sensitive to your partner’s feelings

15% of men said they were scared of being judged by their partner or spouse for owning sentimental childhood possessions, cuddly toys and memories from a previous relationship.

On the other side of the coin, don’t treat your partner too harshly if they are holding on to childhood belongings that drive you mad. People can have strong emotional attachments to the things that they own, especially items that remind them of their childhood. You might need to compromise in order to ensure that they can keep some of the things that they care about – whether you hate their Star Wars figurines with a passion or not.

Although when it comes to holding on to memories from a previous relationship – take our advice and don’t keep them in the house! Nobody wants to find a box full of photos of their partner’s ex in the back of the cupboard, believe us. If you think you might be guilty of committing that particular relationship crime, please seek our professional storage help immediately.  We’re always on standby to help avert relationship disasters!

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* LOVESPACE and YouGov survey of  2,068 adults, October 2015.