As far as students are concerned, what happens at uni, stays at uni…

But what happens when term ends and you need to get your belongings home?

What do you do with your stuff… or should we say ‘evidence’?


We asked 2000 students (courtesy of our friends at Student Money Saver) to tell us what things they couldn’t bear to take home this summer. As a storage company that collects from people’s doors, we expected responses on the ‘hardship’ of transporting things home.

This was definitely a problem, however the answers were a little more interesting than that. So interesting that we thought we’d share them with you…


1: Alcohol/ alcohol associated items

It’s well known that University (often) involves a lot of drinking and its associated debauchery. It’s also the #1 thing students dread their parents finding out about. A quarter of students mentioned evidence of alcohol (and its various accompaniments) as a priority for safe-keeping.

Bottle Opener

Alcohol bottles (both empty and full) appear to be the decoration of choice in many a student house. It’s that or a photographic display/ wall of evidence… neither of which are deemed suitable for parental eyes. However, there were also a surprisingly large number of students who feared to bring their precious drinks home because their parents would drink it first. Naughty Ma & Pa!

Unfortunately liquids are one of the few things we can’t store here at LOVESPACE, so don’t even try and send them to us – or we’ll tell your Mum and Dad!


2: ‘Sexual accessories’

Hardly surprising that you’d want to keep your ‘wild side’ hidden from your creators… but what an unexpected insight into student life!

20% of students reported items that fall into this category, with a wide variety of answers ranging from the safety-conscious (condoms) to the slightly more absurd (full sized blow up doll!). In fact, certain not-to-be-named ‘objects’ left the innocent LOVESPACE team members open-mouthed…. Students nowadays, eh!

Student with blow-up doll

These ‘objects’ were the biggest worry for students in the East; they were twice as likely to want to keep their ‘extra-curricular activities’ a secret over the summer than those in the West-country and Ireland. Trip to University of Essex anyone?!


3: Heavy/ large items that are hard to carry home

10% of students questioned reported items that were either too large or too heavy to bring home – and 6% of students didn’t want to bring anything back home at all! Books, bikes, printers, kitchen equipment, furniture, fridges, TVs and speakers were the items most cited. Imagine schlepping that lot on the train home!

Student moving with boxes

Students in Wales and the West of England stood out as the locations students struggle the most to transport heavy things back from – having recently been to the University of Aberystwyth, we can understand why! What a mission it is to pack your car to the brim and drive it home for the summer only to bring it all back again in 3 months time. That’s if you have a car of course – otherwise you’d better hope you have a parent willing to drive double the distance…!

Student car overloaded with storage while moving


4. Clothing

Students and fashion go well together – so it’s understandable that clothing made up 12% of responses. ‘Fair enough if they don’t want to lug it all home for the Summer when it won’t be used’, we thought – somewhat innocently. However the story isn’t as simple as that…

Student over-filled wardrobe

We delved a little deeper into the data and found over two thirds of these responses fell into the ‘inappropriate clothing’ category. It’s not just that students can’t be bothered to lug it home, it would also be far too embarrassing if discovered! From mankinis and Ann Summers lingerie, to superhero outfits, and even everyday ‘going out clothes’. All unworthy of parental eyes – and even more important to keep stored safely.

The Big Bang Theory - Dress-up


5. Dirty clothes, bedding and dishes

A fairly bemusing 9% of students would not want to bring their dirty clothing, bedding and dishes back home. We can only imagine that the other 91% were delighted to be bringing their dirty things home as it would probably be the first time they’ve been washed since Fresher’s!


London, the West of England and the Midlands appear to have the dirtiest students; they were 3.5 times as likely to want to keep the dirt from their parents compared to the good students of Wales and Ireland. Parents – take note; judging by the levels of disgustingness we’ve had the pleasure of reading, you may want to steer your next child towards Cardiff University…

Students washing dishes


So… what did we learn from all this? Well, for one, students are naughtier than we thought. Aside from the above, (stolen) road signs and traffic cones were popular answers, and if we received a pound for every time ‘my dignity’ was mentioned…


We also learned that students really don’t think about what they’ll do with the stuff they buy at uni when it comes to taking it home… But hey – that’s what we’re here for:

LOVESPACE provides student storage. We will collect things – mostly in boxes – from your uni address, store them over the summer, and deliver them back when you need them – to anywhere in the UK.