Next Available Dates

If you need to move urgently, we’re here to help.

Due to the bank holiday weekend, the next date we can collect boxes is Thursday 16th April. It this works for you, all you need to do is place an order through our website here.

If you need to leave before then, we can probably still help you.

The soonest we can get packing materials to you is Thursday 16th April . We are not able to get any out to you any sooner, even if you were to call us.

If you need some boxes and packing materials, you can always buy some of your own.
We recommend good quality, double-walled cardboard boxes. You can find these online or in shops like Argos, click here to see the boxes we recommend.

You can find some helpful information about what size boxes you can store with us by clicking here.

If you need a collection, but need to leave before Thursday 16th April.
Good news, we can collect from friends, neighbours, post rooms and receptions, as long as they’re happy to hand your boxes over to our driver. Just make sure each box is clearly labelled so your driver knows it’s yours, and make sure to check in by scanning the boxes once they are labelled.