What about the “hidden” fees?

We want to make storing and shipping your stuff as easy as possible, and we have a few rules to follow to make sure it all goes smoothly.

We know you’ll follow all the rules, but just in case you’re a rule-breaker, we have a few necessary charges:

  • Overweight boxes: If a box is more than 25kg, we will charge you £40 on collection and £40 on delivery. We do this to make sure that your stuff is safe ‐ the contents of heavy boxes are more likely to get damaged during transport. We also want to make sure our collection and delivery teams are safe – think about their sore backs! If 25kg is a good limit for your checked baggage on a flight, it’s good enough for us too.
  • Bags, not boxes: We may charge you £50 if you give us a holdall or backpack (or bin bag!) that isn’t in a box. Again, we want your stuff to be safe, and the best way to keep your stuff safe is to pack it into cardboard boxes. They don’t need to be our cardboard boxes, but ours are very sturdy. Just don’t use an old crisps box from the supermarket!
  • Failed collection: If you’re not in when our driver comes to collect your stuff, and they can’t access your boxes, we will charge you £50 and you will have to reschedule your collection for a different date.  You can find more information about rescheduling your collection here.
  • Failed delivery: Everyone hates a failed delivery. If you’re not in when our driver comes to deliver your stuff, and there’s no one to accept your stuff for you, we have to take it back into storage and you’ll need to pay for your delivery again. We will not be able to refund you for the initial failed delivery. You also won’t be able to order a new delivery until your stuff is back at the warehouse, which may delay things by a few more days. You can find more information about rescheduling your delivery here.

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