We’ve chosen Lucinda, our Business Account Manager for this month’s Meet The Team post. She’s always working hard to promote¬†our bespoke storage solutions for companies¬†– LOVESPACE for Business!¬ Lucinda spends her time¬†in and out of the office,¬†talking to businesses and organising events across London’s co-working spaces.

Now let’s get down to business here with Lucinda, shall we?

Q: Tell us¬†some interesting facts about yourself…
A: I have spent most of my life surrounded by awesome women! I have two sisters, went to an all-girls school and college at university, and as a result I am very interested in gender politics. I love medieval French. I cook great blueberry muffins. I think social enterprises are cool.

Q: What made you join LOVESPACE?
A: I joined LOVESPACE as part of the¬†New Entrepreneurs Foundation¬†(NEF) 2016¬†cohort. The NEF¬†is a learning programme that aims to harness young entrepreneurial talent by offering¬†a fast-track¬†business¬†training programme, mentoring, and a series of networking events. LOVESPACE’s¬†founder Brett Akker is¬†a NEF mentor this year¬†for the second year running, and LOVESPACE is a NEF host company. It’s great to be working for a business¬†that is so supportive of the network, and working here has allowed me to¬†gain true¬†start-up¬†experience¬†as part of my training.

Q: What do you do at LOVESPACE?
A: I focus on everything to do with business customers, moving between sales, operations, partnerships¬†and marketing. No¬†two days are the same!¬†I spot new opportunities for the B2B storage segment, and work closely with our key partner – Workspace, the office provider, who introduce us to companies needing extra business storage space. It’s great¬†to work with a partner who is so supportive, especially one who has so many cool companies as their¬†residents!¬

Q: What’s the most interesting business use case you’ve come across?
A: There’s really no ‘typical’ way for businesses¬†to use us.¬†We have loads of artists and designers storing their artworks, models or interior pieces. We have moved around a whole TV channel’s props and set, at all times of day and night, to fit in¬†with their production schedule. This included a fake bike model, some massive polystyrene cubes, and a candy cart! Surprisingly,¬†we’re also very¬†popular with lingerie companies. A few major underwear companies store their stock until they need it back on their shelves.

Q: Tell us your most unforgettable moment at LOVESPACE.
A: Last year I spent an afternoon¬†simultaneously¬†coordinating¬†3 massive trucks¬†at different locations,¬†whilst¬†managing¬†a photoshoot with¬†some partners, as well as¬†finishing¬†design work¬†for a¬†marketing¬†campaign and helping a¬†customer get his items on time when he was running late – all from my phone, standing on a street in St John’s Wood. ¬†It’s amazing what you can achieve in a few hours working alongside a great team!

Q: What is a great skill you possess that is very useful at work?
A: A good sense of humour is always useful! I think everyone here is very determined and focused. It helps you remember the most important things when there is a lot going on in the business.

Q: If LOVESPACE has a variety show, what would you do and why?
A: I would do impressions! Intonation¬†and mannerisms¬†fascinate me. Though I don’t like being put on the spot to do them¬†so don’t ask me to practise in the office…

Thanks Lucinda! We love your energy and enthusiasm!

If you¬†need some storage for business purposes or just to free up more desk space at your workplace, contact us.¬†Ask for¬†Lucinda and she will be on-hand to be your dedicated Business Account Manager (just don’t ask her to do impressions when she’s on the phone to you!)