Here at LOVESPACE we know how important living in a clean and de-cluttered space is – and it turns out it’s important for your love life too! Having recently conducted a study into what the nation’s biggest “turn-offs” are, we can reveal that 63% of the British public refuse to have sex in a dirty or messy house. We think the results make it pretty clear: the cleaner you are, the better chance you have to get lucky.


Women are often described as the fairer sex, but this also goes to show they are the cleaner sex. Less than one sixth of women (15%) said they would have sex in a messy or dirty house – compared to over a third of men (34%) who said no amount of mess or filth would put them off from getting hot & heavy under the sheets.


Meanwhile, we found that people from the North East were the most likely to prioritise sex over organisation and cleanliness, with over 30 per cent of respondents saying they’d be more than happy to roll around in cluttered and dirty surroundings. Northern Ireland appeared to be the cleanest and most house-proud, with only 16 per cent saying mess and dirt didn’t bother them.


18 – 24 year olds were the age group least likely to think twice about putting up with a messy house when a hook-up was on the cards; with over 30 per cent saying a fumble in the filth was just fine. 45-54 year olds were least likely to be forgiving of mess when it comes to fooling around.


Of the biggest passion killers, horrible smells was crowned the worst offender with 62 per cent of Brits saying it was the biggest turn off. Next up came cluttered kitchens overflowing with dirty plates with 50% saying this would make them loose their mojo. Pictures of ex-partners on walls came in third with 47%, whilst floors covered in clothes and freaky collections like porcelain dolls came in fourth and fifth with 37% and 30%.


The top ten most offending passion killers are:

1. Horrible smells
2. A kitchen overflowing with clutter and dirty plates
3. Pictures of ex-partners on the walls
4. Floors covered in clothes, and wardrobes and cupboards bursting at the seams
5. Freaky collections – like: porcelain dolls, stuffed animals or teddy bears
6. Evidence of past parties or nights out – like old empty drinks bottles or traffic cones in rooms
7. Weird memorabilia, like life sized celebrity cardboard cut-outs
8. Dust
9. Children’s clothes and toys everywhere
10. Bikes and other sports equipment everywhere


We have found these results absolutely fascinating – almost two thirds of the British public said they would refuse to have sex with their lover in a dirty or messy house (63%). We think this makes it pretty clear that you better clean up to get dirty!