Are you completely committed to domestic cleanliness? Then you may recognise some of these spotless truths.

Article first published on Houzz by Joanna Simmons, Houzz Contributor

Most of us enjoy a clean home, but not all of us manage to maintain one day in, day out. Clean freaks, on the other hand, put the quest for cleanliness above other, more trivial ways of spending time. For them, a home you could eat your dinner off is the zenith of achievement – but only if you clean up where the dinner was afterwards, of course… Read on for some clean freak wisdom.

  1. Clean freaks are fit
    Clean freaks are not interested in doing workout DVDs. Surely vacuuming the living room and dusting the curtain rails acts as a decent workout with plenty of stretches? As for jumping up to do some fat-burning lunges while the TV ads are on… Isn’t that the time when any self-respecting clean obsessive dusts under the sofa?
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2. Some jobs can’t wait until morning… Actually, all jobs

Going to bed without having done the dishes or run the dishwasher will lead to a very restless night’s sleep. No clean freak can relax knowing all that mess is lurking in their kitchen. Disturbing!

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3. Cleaning products are compelling

Whether you love to try the latest deep-cleaning, germ-busting spray or are a devotee of delicious-sounding eco-cleaning products, you are certainly not immune to the siren call of a quality cleaning product.

All those sprays, powders and liquids attract you with their promise of a shinier object, a more hygienic surface and a home that smells insanely fresh. You may even arrange your cleaning products on a shelf, much as a non-clean freak might arrange ornaments or books.

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4. Open shelves are dangerous!

All those containers, jars and plates, open to the elements, getting dusty or, worse, greasy! If you, as a clean freak, do agree to have open shelves in your home, a thorough wash down of everything lined up on them should be scheduled frequently. You can’t be too careful…


5. Hiring a cleaner is not an option

Some people treat themselves to a cleaner during busy or stressful times. Others employ one all year round to make life easier. Clean freaks find this concept odd. What’s easier about having to go around each room, checking for missed marks and spots, once the cleaner has left?

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6. Cleaning trumps refreshment

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! That’s the saying, but clean freaks disagree. They say, when life gives you lemons, slice one in half and use it to disinfect your chopping board. Alternatively, mix it with white vinegar to make a natural, eco cleaner.

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7. Spring is the best time of year
Each winter, clean freaks count the days until spring will start. Not because they hate the dark, cold months, but because spring means they can dry-clean the curtains and pressure-wash the patio again. Whoop!

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8. There’s cleaning, and then there’s deep cleaning

Non-clean freaks are usually content to simply wipe down the stuff you can see in your house, such as the kitchen worktops or the floor. But a true clean freak goes deeper. Much deeper. To them, unclogging a drain, washing the freezer and vacuuming the chimney are all vital and highly rewarding tasks.

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9. Homemade tools are often best
A clean freak will have all the mops and cloths that a regular homeowner has, but he or she is also adept at improvising. Cotton buds don’t just belong in the bathroom! They are brilliant for cleaning computer keyboards or inside a basin waste. Sticky notes will happily pick up crumbs or hairs, and the sharp end of a safety pin can be used for scraping out gunk from tiny crevices.

Dining room & birtday

10. Clean freaks love a party
Now, you might think that clean freaks would hate to host a party in their home. All those spilled drinks and crisps crushed into the carpet. Yuck! But in fact, clean freaks love a party. Well, they love a party that’s just finished, so they can snap on their rubber gloves, whip out their mop and really get to work putting the house back in order. Some people watch TV to come down after a party. Clean freaks clean!

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